Ecommerce Development Trends – What’s on the 2021 List

We are already into the digital age where everything is only a click away and is delivered to our doorstep at the earliest convenience. The previous year was a flourishing year for the ecommerce industry as its worldwide revenue catapulted to 4.59 trillion USD, and is now predicted to go up to 7.54 trillion by the end of 2022. These figures are enough to explain the growth of ecommerce, and there is no doubt that the industry is here to stay, and is developing at a faster pace.

However, what many people fail to understand is that simply creating a website to sell products isn’t how you win the game.Being a part of this industry demands for one to keep updated on the latest trends. If you are curious about what it looks like for ecommerce in the future, we have got you covered. Here are a few trends that you need to follow in the coming years:

Ecommerce in Post Covid-19 Situation

COVID-19 has taken the whole world, undeniably making one of the biggest impacts on ecommerce industry. We experienced total lock downs with everything being shut down by the government; but what gave us easy access to essential products was online shopping. People became more comfortable with the idea of online purchasing- since it is convenient and offers the biggest benefit of contactless payments.

What’s the New Normal? 

Headless ecommerce that doesn’t require pre-designed storefront has become the current trend. In simple terms, a typical e-commerce store requires constant updates from time to time to both front and back-end systems which turn into a big mess and you are left with nothing but a headache! A good web designer offers brands solutions to build in the way they want, as per their choice and demand. As an added benefit, a good design enables brands to focus more on improving customer experience instead of wasting time and effort in back-end data.

Expediency of Voice Search

Ever since we have stepped into a world where we have elements like Google Assistance, Alexa, and Siri, lives have become even more easier than they used to be. These devices are making a significant difference to our lives as they assist us by transforming the system from “typing in” to “speaking out”. This has turned out to be one of the most discussed trends in the world of e-commerce. It will surely be a game-changer, as it will not only ensure the best user experience but will be useful from SEO perspective.

Marketing Automation System

To reach specific revenue and growth goals you have set, marketing automation tends to be an important tool that helps online businesses. It allows you to automatically runs campaigns across multiple channels. Once you get a perfect combination of e-commerce with marketing automation you end up with the perfect solution that offers a quality shopping experience with the ability to create marketing campaigns specifically tailored for your audience. Today, marketing automation has moved to the next level towards providing easy-to-access shopping carts and customised landing pages that ensure smooth customer experience.

With our world accepting the new rules, new ways and newer levels of tolerance, we need to embrace the change that suits our needs best.

The same with the e-commerce industry; it is ever-evolving making it essential for retailers in this industry to give extra attention to keep up with the latest trends. Better to adapt to these changing trends now and in the upcoming year to ensure you’re always ahead of the race!

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