What Does it Take to Draw a Strong Brand Illustration?

Brand Image Name


In an avalanche of content, companies live or die by their respective brand images. A brand image expresses the company’s message and connects with users, who instantly recognise it across different media, even without the marketing content.It is like an anchor, helping user engagement and fixes value associations.

Brand image is typically developed from different elements like logos, colour palettes and fonts. Besides these, illustrations are other key aspects which are more in demand for online UI.

It is because illustrations introduce elements to visual content and allow more complex situations to be expressed.This is an important piece of online campaigns. Expressive digital design favours clear, bold images which translate into distinctive brand illustrations. Again, these online illustrations are used as part of comprehensive visual systems. Images share a unifying mood or style, which makes them recognisable with the brand’s wider image.

With right illustration, a company communicates visually about itself, from statements to practical product support, while supporting brand image.

Design Process for Your Brand

Do you know how you should begin an effective brand illustration system? Let us take you to the meticulous design process, with examples for your better understanding.

Carry Out Brand Research

First of all, know the brand well prior to designing. This might sound familiar but you should not underestimate the work involved. Even if you are confident of having a long working experience, it’s worth giving some quality time into the research work to deepen your understanding of the brand.

Take a clear observation of the culture behind the company and its products or services. What message do they want to convey, what form is their existing visual identity, and what is the direction the company wants to move forward? Investing in this specifically at the beginning will save you hassles and dead-ends later on.

Stakeholder Needs

While you are doing your own research, you’ll need to communicate and understand stakeholder needs. This is crucial to the success of your design, so you are required to involve them early and keep them updated with the ongoing process.

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