Your Mobile Apps Need A Smart Content Strategy

Content Strategy

Mobile usage has increased massively on a global scale. Mobile users rely on their devices for any information they need to access as fast as possible. With the increasing attachment of people to their Smartphones, apps have become a huge hit. In 2018, there were 180 billion app downloads. Just one year later, the number has reached 210 billion and there are chances that in 2022 it will be 300 billion. Wow, really? This steady growth present a 45% increase in app downloads over five years.

The apps are functional but if you want your app to properly take your brand to the next level, you need the right content strategy. The way contents are perceived by users will affect their impression of the app. That is when you can win over their hearts.  Let’s check out some of the smart content strategies that will help you form a mobile app that users will readily accept.

Know Your Audience

Creating content with little or no information about your end users won’t give you the right results. Content must be relevant which is why you need to do a thorough research about your target audience.

Some of the questions to be considered that will help you get an idea about your audience are:

  • What would they achieve with your app?
  • What are their interests?
  • What percentage of users will use phone/tablet to accesses the app?
  • Is the content catchy among your audience?

Once you identify these pivotal points, you can take your content strategy to the right direction. Customizing the content to the users’ interests will ensure maximum engagement with the app.

Visuals to Enhance the Text

The overall look and feel of the app plays a significant role in retaining user’s interest. Visual content is just as relevant as the written content.

Build users’ trust by using unique pictures in your app. The visuals should support the written content. Remember, an aesthetically pleasing app has always a better chance to survive in the tough competition of app world.

Get the Experts Diversify Your Work

Depending on the aspects and complexity of your app, you might want to involve expert writers for different parts of the content. Why is it needed? Well, writers have expertise in this field. They will dedicate to bring the best out of your content.

To help you understand this, let’s cite an example. If an app is about healthy eating habits and DIY beauty tips, you need to work with two writers. One must have expertise on what to eat for good health and the other should have knowledge on the beauty regime.

However, if you find someone who has knowledge on both subjects, then this is an added advantage.

To Sum Up

An app with low content strategy would spoil the interest of the app. It will also give a negative impact on how the audience perceives your brand. Apps are very useful for the brand’s progressiveness but what is important is they need to be done well. Stay focused to the principles of smart content strategy and your app will surely be on the right track. Think from a user’s perspective and create the content so that it meets their needs.

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