What’s the Latest Web Design Trend for 2020?

Web Design Trends

We are almost nearing the end of another decade. Time flies, and so does the trends for web design. Now designing and developing for desktop is a thing of the past, and more effort is put into mobile optimization. Earlier, mobile websites had to be modulated as devices didn’t support. Things have changed totally. As advanced, high-tech mobile devices have been introduced, web design and functionality improved as well. Let us look into the popular web design trends for the coming year.

Adding Videos

By the next few years, online videos will take up to 85% of all internet traffic. With that consideration, marketers are taking advantage with 80% of business using video as a basic marketing technique. Videos are enticing and can provide numerous benefits to your business in many ways:

Source of Entertainment: Video will bring people to your website or social media page to watch what you have produced.

Show Product Functionality: Your customers can look at the products, how they are used and other features live in action.

Display Services: Videos are one of the best ways to show your customers how you work,what you can do, and what the final project look like.

Animations and Micro-interactions

The present web design trend focuses on purposeful animation and micro-interactions. They are helpful in a way by fulfilling the user experience to offer more than the standard website design. Websites that will be built now will often use video animation as opposed to imageryin thewebsite layout. It’s a great way of making the site appealing, engaging and provide an experience for the customer.

Vibrant and Bright Designs

Punchy colours are no longer in use, whether it be background colours or too striking menu overlays. For a time being, soft monotone designs were in fashion, but as it with time, the fashion changes and now people prefer high contrast and vibrant colours for their website design. A good thing about colour is once you have the right strategy it is easy to deploy across all your designs.

Organic Shapes

Created nicely with flat, colourful designs comesorganic shapes. They can effectively help to break up the page and offer a fresh energy to the website, helping to break up the old age grid design. Media Helm’s Web Design Waterford team does a superb job of including latest design into their work. It helps to come up with the fresh design that is perfect to go with the current trend.

Use of Serifs

Almost every designer is aware of the rule that Serifs are for print and Sans is for copy. Another thing we also know is that rules are made to be broken.

While Sans is pretty and perfect to go-to for copy, lots of companies are using Serif style font in their callouts and banners. Serifs areeye-catching and decorative, perfect for adding excellence to your web design.

Final Thought

Trends may come and go but what’s most important is that you stick to your strategy and don’t just jump on the bandwagon. Just because something is in fashion doesn’t mean you have to adopt it. Choose your own sense of design that suits your brandwhile leaving an impression on your clients.

If you need an expert hand in designing your website to promote your products or services, contact us to see how we can help.