Ultan Case Study

Ultan Case Study

Ultan approached us as he needed to create a new brand & website to represent his growing salon. We teamed up with the guys from TrueOutput: to create a brand & simplified website in order to promote his business both online & offline. 

One important consideration when creating the website was the integration of their current in-house booking system. This was vital as they required a seamless integration that would update the system whether bookings were made in-salon or through their website booking system.




> Brand

We again teamed up with the guys from banding agency TrueOutput: to create a new modern brand for Ultan. The custom font & various weights contrast perfectly & wouldn’t be out of place on any international brand.

The use of the “U” with a cut through to represent a comb is used as a symbol that can be used to recognise their brand both online on their Social Media channels & offline print material.

Creative Partners: Check out the awesome work of the guys at TrueOutput:


> Responsive Website Design

When creating their new website we strived to keep the website clean & modern with a funky menu system outside of the norm. Our motto is “less is more” so copy was kept to a minimum with strong images used where possible.

Each of the pages display a distinct colour scheme in keeping with a modern & trendy salon.


> Booking System Integration

One important aspect of Ultans business is the ability for clients to easily book appointments with the salon. This was made easy with the integration of a easy to use booking system integrated into their website.

The online system is integrated with their in-house booking system so appointments are updated irrespective of were the appointment was added.