Top 4 Web Development Trends to be Followed in 2021

Web Development Trends

Web development, over the years, has been proved as an indispensable aspectin the success of any business or organisation. It is the technology behind your business, which helps to grow it globally.

Currently, the Web development processes are constantly changing, so do the trends. To stay up-to-date, it is necessary to keep a track on the latest trends, updates,and approaches that are getting popular.

Here we have gathered some emerging trends of web development after studying the tendencies across industries. We have made this list so thatit can help you grow your business in the upcoming era. Let’s begin with the list of recent web development trends for this year.

Progressive Web Applications (PWA’s)

Over the last several years, two mobile platforms: Android and iOS are hot favourites of the mobile app community and web developers. But the year 2021 will belong to Progressive Web Apps. It is a no-brainer that in today’s internet world, 60% of the internet traffic derives from the tablets and smartphones. Thus, it is prudent for businesses to target their mobile customers by offering user-friendly mobile experience. And this can be done in three ways: either by building native apps, responsive websites or Progressive Web Applications.  The native apps offer exceptional user experience but have high adoption barriers as users have to download the apps for using it. On the other hand mobile websites are quicker to access but their adoption rate is low. Harnessing the benefits of these two options would be extremely beneficial for businesses. And this is what PWA’s exactly did.

A Progressive Web Application (PWA) features in exactly same manner as native apps but eliminates the need of downloading applications. It is a mobile application that comprises of three components:

  • Application shell architecture that enables quick loading with service workers
  • Server Workers for offering offline support and performing background tasks
  • Web App Manifest for representing native-like features.

The PWA’s are efficient, work offline, consume less storage space, function on the mobile devices seamlessly, save development and maintenance cost significantly by eliminating the need of creating separate native app, load faster and reduce server load.

Programming Languages

Javascript is one of the most dominating programming languages of the web world. It is one of the favourite languages of the developers due to ease of use, ability to use on the server, mobile devices and on the web, etc. In the past one or two year, the one programming language giving a stiff competition to Javascript is Typescript. It is an open-source programming language designs to develop large applications. The Typescript allows users to migrate to the Javascript language without rewriting codes.

It is absolutely true that the Javascript offers all those advantages offered by other languages, it is purely a matter of choice of developer which language he chooses.  Another important point is Javascript was one such programming language which is easy to use natively in web browser. But now, Web Assembly is emerging as a new possibility. Also known as WASM in short, it is fast yet small binary format that gives flexibility to show near-native performance for web applications. Being regarded as a low-level language for web, it is mainly supported by four browsers: Chrome, Edge, Web Kit and Firefox.

Open Source Language Automation

Many web experts believe that web developers should not depend upon single programming language for accomplishing their tasks. They should consider other options as well after evaluating factors like what to accomplish and its specific usage. For instance, many developers prefer the Python programming language as it gives flexibility to them to add Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in their applications. But it is an expensive proposition and not every company can afford it.

Developers want to use the latest technology to build applications whereas companies cannot afford to invest in every new technology coming around. So, in such a scenario, the onus lies on the developers to build web apps with the technology the organization is already using. And open-source language automation proves to be a silver lining in the dark.


Developers have now greater ability to develop powerful web applications due to presence of matured frameworks like React, Angular and Vue. It happens that many times developer feel overwhelmed due to presence of a variety of options with regard to the fragmented framework landscape. And, when the framework gains popularity, the companies made sincere attempts to innovate it and improve it with time to meet developers’ expectations. The innovations are necessary as If the static approach is adopted, people will learn to manage the system with existing ecosystem and growth takes a backseat.

Now, it’s time to realize that web development trends have been redefinedin the terms we used to know. Under the circumstance of 2020 pandemic, most of the businesses are turning to operate remotely using the latest web development trends. We hope that the positive changes in 2021 will benefit not only the technology sphere but alsothe people’s lives. In case you need any assistance regarding your web development processes, don’t hesitate to contact Media Helm.