Teaching Nurses Network Case Study

Teaching Nurses Network Case Study

The ladies at Teaching Nurses Network required a facility for them to share confidential documents through their website. We created a Dropbox type facility whereby they could upload teaching resources so their members could login to their website & download them.  

We also created a means for them to share logins with their members & receive conformation that members had purchased a yearly subscription to access their system.



> Brand

Our first task for Teaching Nurse Network was to create a new logo to incorporate their existing emblem.  The brief was to provide a modern identity that would appeal to their target market.

A light blue colour was used as the primary colour to their new identity & subsequent website design.


> Website Design

We created a fully responsive design as most of their users access their website through mobile devices. This is an important consideration, as how members view information is important to their users whilst on the go.

We also created a registration form for new members to sign up in order to access documents. On registration, an automated invoice is sent to the user & on completion access information such as username & password is sent directly to their email.


> Content Respository

We provided a login system to allow users to sign up & access teaching resources through a content repository on their website. The website administrator was provided with a login to the website where they could upload content, while adding them to categories so they could be easily found by users.

On login the user may access the categories & download documents to their computer.