Learn How to Use Your Video Content from a Video Production Provider

Video Production

Making a high-quality video can represent a significant investment. Videos are exclusive in their own way since they can help companies reach more people but to get the value from this video investment, brands need to focus more on video content. Great video content can be used over and over again after it has served its initial purpose. If you use a veteran video production company, they will consider carefully on how you can increase the returns on investment for a video.

Here are a few tips on how to make videos go further and get improved returns on investment with meaning full video content.

Transcribing Video into Blog Post

Transcribing videos means that spoken content is indexed by Google, thus giving an SEO boost to your company blog.

Choose Short Videos for Social Media

Videos you post on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter shouldn’t be too long. Shorter clips are engaging and drive attention or create a buzz about the video.

Create Video Series

If you got a popular video, go ahead. Follow the format and create video series by using the original.

Organize a live Q&A

To know whether your video has attained reaction from your target audience, arrange a live question and answer session to help keep the buzz going.

Make your video public

An encompassing video can make you noticeable in crowded spaces. Just make sure the video comes with subtitles so people may know what’s going on.

Re-use footage

You can re-use good footage on multiple videos. Establishing employee shots, product shots and others can all be re-used across different videos.

Behind the scene clips

Interesting behind the scene clips and interviews can give your audience a sharp insight into your organization. It can also help the launch of a new video, product or service.

Videos to infographics

Infographics that explain your product or service are great for customers trying to find your process. Videos, clips and stills can be used extensively to enhance the content.

Case study videos to increase your sales

Case study videos can be used for your sales pitch. They are great for convincing your potential customers to choose you over your competitors. Adding one to your sales deck will effectively convert more buyers into customers.

Create a video cover image for Facebook

Facebook has initiated video cover image feature to business pages, thus adding spices to your business page and making it more dynamic and noticeable.

Convert video to newsletter

People signing up to your company newsletter always want attractive content. You can create a video newsletter and send invitation to customers that have subscribed to your business.

Get featured in the news

Depending on the type of video, you could get you videos featured online on various websites or on a local newspaper website. Identify target audience for your video and email an editor or a journalist.

Set the video into a blog post

Publishing videos on your blog post gives recognition and a permanent place for it. Thus, the video will drive maximum traffic to your website instead of any third-party platform like YouTube.

The bottom line is to get a large number of people’s attention you must have an attractive offer for possible clients. This exclusiveness should reflect in your corporate video production to make it engaging and tailored. The Corporate video service provider in Dublin can present your brand such a way that it can change overall customer’s perspectives towards your product or service.