ISM Case Study

ISM Training & Recruitment Dublin

The guys at ISM approached us to merge the two sides of their business; Training & Recruitment. This was one of the biggest tasks for us to date as their current websites had over 100 web pages. We thrive on such challenges & couldn’t wait to provide an easy to use solution that makes the process of adding & seeking job opportunities as simple as possible.

The site needed to carry a lot of content without ever feeling cluttered or busy. We spent a long time, really trying to understand, mapping out all their various activities in order to simplify their process.




> Responsive Web Design

Like all of our websites, we used a fully responsive layout; allowing the site to scale no matter what device it is viewed on; whether that is iPhones, iPads or Desktop computers. This is an important consideration because most people now access the web through mobile devices & information must be displayed in the appropriate format for readability etc…

Strong CTA’s (Call To Action) where used throughout the website to make the process of applying for jobs or to up-skill through training as easy as possible. The website design also had to keep within ISM’s current brand & heritage, which we achieved through the simplified layout providing a clean & modern feel to their new website design.


> Integration of a Jobs Portal

One of the first challenges with ISM was the integration of their current training services software into the new website to allow clients to book training services online. We were also asked to add their jobs listings, which integrated with an existing software package making this a complicated task.

After some research the end result is a system, which updates through there current software making the uploading of job listings & training courses a simple process. From a customer point-of-view the website provides an easy means fro them to access the same services.


> Photography

Having professional grade photography is important for an organisation as big as ISM who strive to provide a professional service to its customer base. With this in mind we agreed to provide a half-day shoot to capture their staff & wonderful amenities at their base in Swords, Dublin.

This was no mean feat, as we were required to work around their day-to-day work, while capturing their multitude of vehicles & plentitude of staff from each division of the business. The resulting photography really helps personalise their website, while adding some further colour to their website.


> Video

Having provided photography the guys at ISM were so impressed that they asked us to create a short video on the day to showcase one of their main training services. We were asked to create a short promotional video to show their onsite Forklift training facilities, which we were more than happy to create.

The resulting video helps showcase the professional approach to training while also demonstrating the vast technical knowledge that has made ISM one of the top training providers in Ireland.