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Refreshed Look Website

It’s the time of the year when you desire to start afresh.It may be anything from your home décor to your website’s old look. Yes, now is the perfect time to take a closer look at the usability, functionality,and relevance of your website, and where you may be able to add some improvements.

Knowing when to refresh your website can be an important decision. Updating new features to your website can be challenging but if done right it can boost your visibility and improve your sales. Here we have outlined a few things that must include in your-to-do-list of website refresh for a quick win in the coming year.

Non-Responsive Website

Studies verify that most Internet users access information from handheld devices. Mobiles account for more than 50% of the world’s internet usage and brands have had to adapt to various screen sizes. Thus, it has become essential to make your website responsive to desktop, tablets and mobiles. If not, you may find users leaving your site because of difficult navigation and ungainly text boxes.

Outdated Content

Content generation has a great role to play in the digital landscape. Adding new keywords and content from time to time not only helps you make the best out of keywords and visibility but also allows you to tailor contents to your users’ search results. This can be informative blogs, updated product information, or other up-to-date information.

Take time to go through your site, refresh old content where necessary, even if it is just a line or paragraph here or there. You will effectively create a choice for your users to stay if it’s the latest info and it shows your website is at the next level in the industry.

Outdated Security System

Website security has been a constant matter of concern for users. With better understanding of the importance of personal data, it is imperative that you keep on updating your site’s security, data policy, and certificates. If you haven’t done earlier, certifications like HTTPS are a must. The Data Protection Law is a must and if you haven’t updated your policies in a while, it’s time to understand the DPA and amend accordingly.

Dull Design and Layout

Users are fast in making decisions on a website simply by clicking on a link. Everything from the layout, to the logos and type face and even colours- play a significant role in determining whether an individual will stay onsite or not. If you have a team of expert designers, it’s an added benefit. Try updating your site’s design and layout to give a fresh look to the end users.

Competitor Analysis

Today you have myriads of useful information available online. Not just about your brand but your rival’s brands too. If you really want to stay ahead of the competition and want to give your site an edge over others then make sure you study your competitors closely. Look at their designs closely, their layouts,products, images, language and their business tone. In doing so, you can understand their strengths and weaknesses and use this information as an advantage to improve your site.

Less Traffic Inflow or Conversions

Lastly, the proof of an outdated website can’t always be seen. Analysing data can help you find out the positive and negative aspects of your business and the area where you can improve. A team of experienced SEO,social, and content developers are masters of this creative side and can assist you in improving site visibility, enquiries, and sales.

Media Helm is a recognized agency offering insight and services. We have worked with numerous brands and we look forward to helping your revamp your website in the New Year. Whether you want more sales, or even just visibility we can assist you with leading expertise. Contact us today!!

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