Identity and Logo Design – All About Branding in the Digital Age

Effective branding is the success mantra of any organization, big or small. However, branding in the digital era is a bit challenging considering there are numerous places for consumers to congregate. Indeed, the Internet is encouraging branding strategies to rapidly evolve.

The inception of social media, the explosion of search engines, and other technologies have changed consumer behaviours invariably. People now have access to different gadgets and platforms to access information, such as entertainment, products and services, educational, etc. Today branding means going an extra level to create brand experiences if you want to get noticed.

Branding and Brand Experience

Branding makes an organization easily recognizable, distinguishable and memorable. Everything from business name, identity, logo design, tagline etc. are all essential aspects that make up your brand.

Brand experience refers to customer behaviour, their feeling and how they correspond to your business. This includes interaction with your business profile, products or services, marketing messaging and the experience they have concerning your company.

Furthermore, the most important is improving brand experience starts at the product design phase. And that’s the big reason why consumers use the products of giant companies. This is an important aspect of brand experience that cannot be ignored.

Remember, great brand experiences bring about positive consumer reviews, brand awareness and customer loyalty.

Strategic Role of a Business Logo

The primary role of a business logo is to identify and identification is what matters in branding.

Trends may come and go, design techniques and tools will evolve, what we consider a logo to be may even change with time, but the single most goal of a logo will always remain same – to identify the business, person, product or service you’re designing it for.

This means, as a brand designer, before working on any concept you need to understand the environment in which the logo will appear. Who are the brand’s competitors, what colours and symbols are to be used?

The fact is, logo design is not art. The designers don’t design a thing of beauty, instead logo design needs to be considered as a strategic business tool that enables a company to be known and identified in the vast business world. Of course, a logo can look good, but that is a secondary factor when designing a logo. The first thing is identification.

Establish Brand Recognition

A well-crafted logo design will be memorable, helping customers to identify and remember the brand. The human brain has the power to recollect shapes and colours than words. This means that if the identity is unique it’s easy to find and identify the company in the marketplace. Although the primary purpose of a logo is to identify, they can also be leveraged to interact with important brand messages and values.

So, branding in the digital age is all about memorable experience by branding and creating an identity. Today there are many companies competing for consumer attention. The Internet has made it possible for organisations to compete on an equal footing. That means by doing right, it will excite and engage your customers and set a benchmark by creating a coherent visual identity.

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