How to Successfully Hand Over a Website to Your Clients?

Hand Over a Website

You have created an amazing website, and the project is finally done, right? Great! Now what next? How do you actually hand off the newly built website to the clients who have commissioned it?

Well, when a designer has completed a project for a client, the satisfaction from the feeling that ‘finally it’s done’ comes with the urge to declare to a clients that their site is live, move on to the next project and process the payment. But there is still one important step to be taken before wrapping it all up- the hand off of the site to the client.

It is a crucial process that is taken as seriously as each of the previous steps was taken during the website building. If you are new to web design business, or you simply want to add a little more professionalism to your established business, incorporating a solid hand off process will be beneficial to both you and the client.

The Importance of Website Hand off Process

It provides essential information to the client regarding his/her website and reduces time for future support. Your client must receive quite a bit of information about their site including items such as hosting company login details, WordPress login credentials,Registrar, and DNS information etc. By providing this basic information upfront in a specific manner, you are making things clear from your end. Having this useful information all in one place also helps you in the future if you ever need to retrieve them.

A social hand off ends the project on a positive note. No matter how much problem or miscommunications may have occurred during the course of project’s timeline, the end of a successful site build is always a time for celebration. Finally, ending the project in a way leaves a favourable impression, which ease out any previous issues.

Website Maintenance and Support Post-Handover

By the time you deliver the website, you might have already made a plan with your client as to how you will handle website maintenance and support in the future. Hopefully you have signed your client up for a maintenance plan. In that case, make sure to remind the client that the maintenance plan will begin shortly, and you will repeat what the costs are, and what services will be included. If you haven’t already discussed this, now is a good time to provide them with one last chance to sign up.

Support:It is important to make your client understand what support they will get in the future, and how that process will work.

What to expect: Some clients refused to sign up for a maintenance plan because they don’t know the benefits of the service. They are concerned about the cost. In that case, you need to make sure they understand the value they will be getting from the service, and the problems they may encounter without that service.

Getting a website maintenance service finalised in the beginning of a project is best practice. No matter whether the client agrees to a maintenance plan or not, let them know how support will work wonders for the min the future. Ensure to mention hourly costs, time expectations, and methods of contact.

Finally, in the hand off document, you should mention a quick list of services you can provide, especially if you offer more than just web design. Perhaps you can help your client with other web design niche services such as SEO, content marketing, graphic design, social media, and so on. If they contact you further, you’ll stand a greater chance of earning more from their business at a later date.

Best wishes with your site hand off!! To know about us and the services we can provide your business with, please don’t hesitate to contact us!!