How to Optimize Responsive Web Design for Better Conversions?

Responsive Web Design

Today, we are all surrounded by different models and varieties of devices that vary from the software used to the respective screen size and in such a case it is not possible to design website separately for each device.

This is where the role of responsive design comes to play. A website that has been built with responsive web design will adapt itself to any devices. This results in driving the visitors visit your website anytime and anywhere.

For the website to be built responsive, design and development must be kept in accordance with the theme and the website must be equipped in a way that it responds to user’s behaviour depending on screen size and platform.

This is easier to be said than done and thus we have accumulated some tips that will help to create a responsive web design easily.

Mobile First Approach

With the whole world turning to touch away from a click away, it is essential to keep a mobile first approach when it comes to web design. Research shows that mobile and Tablet devices accounted for 60% of internet usage worldwide in the current period compared to 40% by Desktop and mobile commerce will make up for 48% of total e-commerce.

Design Prototyping Software

This software is mainly used to ease out the fluctuation that takes place between the client and the designer and check the responsiveness of the web design. This provides various features like real time presentation, track record of various changes done and people who viewed the design.


Creativity is the key to design a beautiful website. The design should be clear and precise and shouldn’t come as a messed up navigation menu that confuses users because once reaching a company’s website, majority of the visitors will use the navigation menu to place themselves. Navigation must be kept simple with everything the user wants being in a click radius.


Look and feel of website

A lot of people will stop coming back with a website if the content or the layout is unattractive or non-user-friendly.Thus, the look and feel of the website including everything from the images to the typography must be well synchronized to go with the tone of your website with a zing of creativity every now and then. Users will quit any website that would give them the feeling of a corporate industry.


Content Stuffing

Content overloading can kill the overall look of the website. When you create content for your website, make sure it only explains the mandatory information about anything that would be worth reading for the user and it is presented in a non-cluttered way under proper headlines. This will make the things look neat and specific.


Download Speed

People stop engaging a website if images take longer time to load. But then what is the use of a poor quality image that loads fast? Integrating Google AMP will give a boost to your website as well as maintain the image quality with the page loading time.

These are a few points that explain the importance of building a responsive website design. It is the most effective and time saving idea to not only build an attractive website but also gain conversions by following the above mentioned tips.

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