Hibernian Brewing School Case Study

Hibernian Brewing School Case Study

Ger from Hibernian Brewing School required a LMS (Learning Management System) in order to provide his clients the ability to upskill their workforce through his system. He also required a new brand, which we were only too happy to provide. 

We also advised that he create a multi site (multiple sites all under one login system) as each site needed to provide the same functionality but be specific to each individual company.



> Brand

The brief for HBS identity design was to create a logo that utilised their existing bird icon as this tied in perfectly with their offering of CPD Beer Appreciation Certificates.

We devised a simple logo which incorporated this together with a complimentary colour scheme. The resulting identity is in keeping with his industry & has helped bring his business from strength to strength.


> Responsive Website Design

We provided a fully responsive CMS (Content Management System) to ensure their courses can be completed on mobiles as this is the most common form of accessing the web.

It also provides HBS with a system whereby they can add new courses going forward & have access to all of the material uploaded by students. this makes the process of marking & allowing student progression as simple as possible with very little overheads or duplication of tasks.


> Learning Management System

The LMS we provided allows his students to access a number of accredited courses where they can achieve certificates on successful completion. On registering students are brought through a number of lesson plans.

Each lesson must be completed & marked by Ger or one of his colleague before the student can move to the next lesson in the series. Certificates on completion may then be downloaded from the system by the student to show proof of the CPD undertaken.


> Multi Site

A multi site is a perfect solution for companies who need to create multi websites all under the one login system. This cuts down on maintenance & affords the opportunity to share functionality between websites; while also allowing different URLS & branding specific to each site on the network.

This was a perfect solution for HBS as they work with many companies who need their learning platform branded. It also allows them to create learning assets that are available across the network cutting down on duplication of work.