Explained the Cost of a Corporate Video Production

Corporate Video Production

Do you know how much a corporate video costs? Well, in this blog post we will explain why there can be huge variations in cost for a video of the same length.

But How Can That Be Evaluated?

Well…it all depends on numerous factors including the duration of the film, the complexity of the shoot, and the production values.

Now, you might be pondering what the production values are-

Production Values are all those important pre-requisites that contribute a great deal to the overall quality of the finished product. Some examples of these are-

  • Time and expertise needed in developing concepts
  • Script and Concept Writing
  • The quality of camera used, lenses and other accessories
  • The skills, expertise and professionalism of the crew
  • Casting actors or voice-over artists

Each of these factors impact the final cost of video production. You may not understand all the intricacies, but it’s important that you should be given the options to understand how to control costs, while understanding how your decisions will affect the final output or the quality of your video.

So do you go for cheap and cheerful or high-end videos?

The answer will depend on–

  1. Your brand values
  2. Your audience

So how can low production values harm your brand?

When you are a business dealing with high-end products or services, it makes no sense to spoil your identity through video with poor production values, unprofessionally filmed on cheap equipment. In a high-end market, your audience deserve a high quality viewing experience to fit perfectly well with your brand proposition. If this important part is missing, your audience will likely doubt the credibility of your offering.

When Trust is Crucial

When you are in the business of professional services – for example, medical interventions, caring for children, developing dependable products, you will need to gain a strong ethical base to gain the trust of your audience, and again, in this regard high production values will be essential.

No matter how you convey your message through an impressive tone, if your video comes across as cheap or shoddy, your audience will lose confidence in an instant.

Are Low-End Production Values of Any Use?

Yes, when your business is based upon ‘stock them high and sell them cheap’— you may not need a sophisticated production.If your audience is here for a cheap solution or a basic product, you won’t need to invest in an expensive video.

What if You Have a Limited Budget?

Can you do it yourself with the camera sitting on the tripod?How good is your camera work, your lighting skills, sound recording, directing and editing?

You may be sceptical in availing of expensive video production service and switch to DIY marketing to save money. And in doing this you may have fun creating your own video, but are the results really effective in impressing the audience you are aiming to target?

It’s easy to get motivated with your in-house team when making a video, but if you’re going to spoil your brand you will need to consider this before commencing. Ask yourself if your audience will accept more from you in terms of production values.

On the other hand, if you think that a cheap video will undermine your brand positioning, it’s really important you explore options with an established company that has a high quality portfolio of work. An experienced production company will have plenty of ideas to that will help you to trim cost without losing the sense of a good quality brand.If you would like to explore ideas, prospects and possibilities for your video production project, please contact Media Helm.

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