Colm Morrissey Case Study

Colm Morrissey Waterford Case Study

Colm approached us to redevelop his brand & web presence, demanding the same standards from us that they demand of themselves. The service that Colm & his staff provide is cutting edge; requiring a brand & slick web presence to match.

We were asked to integrate as much imagery as we could, which is why a theme of full screen background images was used throughout the site.



> Brand

Colm wanted a new brand to represent his ever-growing salon; one that signified his high standards while making him stand out from the busy crowd. The style of his new monotone logo is sleek in appearance & works equally as well on the front of his building as it does on his Social Media platforms.

Since then we have worked closely with Colm to provide print material, websites, mobile apps & anything else you can think of.


> App Development

Colm is always looking to stay at the cutting edge of his business & a mobile app was the next iteration in moving his business forward. Colm recognised that implementing a mobile app into his salon would offer his more tech savvy clients an easy means to make reservation bookings.

The app we created was cross platform, allowing users of both Google Android & Apple OX to download to their smart devices. It also provided a ‘things to do’ section where Colm promoted his neighbouring businesses as he is a big believer in the shop local initiative.


> Responsive Web Design

After the creation of their new brand our next task was to bring the same styling to his website while implementing as much strong imagery as possible. Luckily, their main product supplier is L’Oréal who have a strong image library to access.

The same monotone styling was transferred from their logo to their website, while implementing suitable imagery as full screen backgrounds added a striking balance. Subtle effects such as lowered opacity on the main text areas allow the imagery to add to the design while not taking away from its overall readability.