VitalityMark is an enterprise solution provided to our client Dr. Mark Rowe. Its core aim is provide a system for companies to aid in the wellbeing of their staff through the partaking of a self administered questionnaire. This was extended further to allow individuals to purchase access also.
The results of this questionnaire trigger a series of video’s specifically created by Dr. Mark to aid the particiapants in areas deemed to be a deviant wellbeing factor. Users are also provided with access to further resources such as PDF’s & posts which provide further help in inceasing there Vitality.

What we did


> Enterprise Website Solution

The enterprise web app provided is a very comprehensive system which offers Dr. Mark the ability to control system wide content such as questions, video responses & resources to both a company, employee & individual accounts.

Companies may onboard their staff through the uploading of a CSV file. Their overall Vitality is measured in an anonymous fashion so as not to compromise them in any way.


> Questionnaire

The questionnaire is a system which utilises the Likert Scale to measure users Vitality depending on where they lie on the scale. Each of the 5 categories helps Dr. Mark gauge a users Vitality using the five pillars of emotion, physical, mind, spirit & connection.

Using a bespoke algorithm allows us to serve resources based on deficiencies in any of the five categories, helping users increase their overall wellbeing & vitality over time. They may only repeat the process every 60 days allowing them to form new habits in their life through the lessons learned over the video series.


> Resources

A library of resources in the form of PDF’s, Posts & Videos may be added from an administration panel & accessed system-wide by users. Each resource may be tagged to allow users of the system to easily find resources useful to them & their wellbeing.

Each of the questions in the questionnaire are linked to an associated video resource & is served if the user marks low enough on the scale. Users may also favourite resources to watch back at a later time.

Media Helm produced my website to the exact specification I required and within the timeframe. Highly recommended.

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