House signs is made up of highly motivated & skilled workers who required an ecommerce website to sell their bespoke signage. The brand had to be designed simply to reflect what they do. When it came to the website we wanted to create something that would allow a customer to fully design their own house sign while keeping it simple.

We were also tasked with devising a means to increase consumer engagement & conversion rates on their website. We achieved this through the creation of a series of promotional videos that showcase the professional services provided by house signs.

What we did


> Brand

Our first task whenever creating a new identity is to start with the logo, considering such things as colour scheme, font types, etc… The brief was to create a fresh, modern identity inline with their signage industry.

The final logo was chosen after much thought, as it shows what they do. The colour scheme was kept with their existing logo, an orange colour which represents, heat and determination.


> Responsive Website Design

Like all of our websites, we used a fully responsive layout; allowing the site to scale no matter what device it is viewed on; whether that is iPhones, iPads or Desktop computers. This is an important consideration because most people now access the web through mobile devices & information must be displayed in the appropriate format for readability etc…

The main homepage header is fullscreen and has a video that we shot as the main background. This allows them to see how the signs are made and decide whether they want to make a purchase.



We created an online eCommerce shop with simplicity in mind. We wanted the customer to make a purchase without them feeling lost. When you land on the shop page, you are presented with two main contact CTA’s, and right under that is a grid of signs they can purchase right away.

They can also make a custom purchase allowing them to fill out a name they want to put on the sign and have it delivered directly to their door.



The guys at House Signs were so impressed at what we do, they asked us to create a short video on the day to showcase their cast sign making. We were asked to create a short promotional video for use on the website to encourage customers to buy local and to support excellent workmanship.

Capturing footage like this allows their customers to see how they go about making beautifully cast signs that are handpainted to perfection while keeping the customer interested.


Custom Sign Generator

The guys required an easy means for customers to design their own house signs while keeping with the specification of font chosen and size. We created a system whereby users can pick a font and input their own name onto the sign while choosing to preview it on a background. The house sign generator is very simple to use and is user friendly on all devices.

Such a fantastic team to work with. No request we had was too big for them. Our new website is beyond what we could have ever expected. So happy that we chose Media Helm to create our new website.

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