Dr. Mark Rowe Case Study

Dr. Mark Rowe Case Study

Dr. Mark Rowe had to be redesigned & developed from the ground up using WordPress with a fully responsive design (i.e. Scale effectively on iPad/ iPhone/ Desktop etc…).

GDRP was taken into account with privacy and terms of use together with a popup to allow users to agree to terms while securing the whole experience with an SSL certificate. We also had to look at creating a new brand to reflect the services he offers in a clean & modern look.


> Brand

Our first task whenever creating a new identity is to start with the logo, considering such things as colour scheme, font types etc… The brief was to create a fresh, modern identity inline with his industry. Modern typography to allow the Dr. Mark Rowe brand to stand out both online & offline.

We ended up with a very clean look to the logo with the first half being thin and the second half being slightly heavy. This always works well for a small logo like this as the client did not want to introduce any symbols or graphics into the logo.


> Responsive Website Design

When creating the website for Dr. Mark Rowe, we wanted to convey a clean, elegant look & feel to the site to compliment the new brand. This was achieved through the use of strong headline messages that immediately convey the meaning, while also using some stunning photography.

Again, colour was used to separate the three main services Dr. Mark Rowe offers, which is subsequently used throughout the website letting the user know where they are at all times. This is presented at the top of each page always.


> Email Wall - Locked Resources

One of the key aspects of Dr. Mark Rowe’s website is the ability to lock content and unlocking it by signing up for a newsletter. This will allow Dr. Mark Rowe to capture users and allowing him to send important emails on wellbeing related issues that can’t be accessed directly through the website.