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Web Design

Ranging from our android device to our PC, we always make use of suitable search engines to perform a customised search related to a specific topic. The search engine result pages display a list of different websites in response to the keywords entered by the users. Very often we find that different websites, offering similar services, have different features in terms of page loading speed, appearance and organization of the page. Our experience can be greatly enhanced by adhering to proper web-designing approaches followed at the time of designing the various aspects of a website.

In simple language, web-designing can be described as the planning and design of the various aspects of a website which are relevant in terms of user experience. Web-designers decide the blueprint – the format and the appearance of a website. Sometimes, the additional task of deciding the content of a website is also performed by a web-designer. A well-designed website should be user-friendly along with an aesthetically pleasing appearance. In the present time, when the entire world is experiencing a regime shift to online platforms, web designing is critical for digital marketing. A well-prepared website will attract more users and hence more business for the owners.

The trends following the design of websites changes from time to time with the corresponding changes in web technology. The points given below will explain the current best trends followed by designers in deciding the layout of a website.

  1. Web Page Speed and Loading Time – Loading time of a web-page, though considered an important parameter for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), is an essential point to be kept in mind by web-designers while deciding on the structure of a webpage. The page should be designed in such a way that the loading time, when browsed, should be well within two to three seconds. Higher loading time or less page loading speed reduces the page traffic drastically.
  2. Dynamic Display of Content Based on Browsing History and Location – Another trend followed by most of the web-designers these days is to give the users a customised content based on their preferences. The preference of an individual user is decided on the basis of his location, while browsing the page, and his browsing history. Consider a person who regularly visits an online shopping site looking for laptops and notebooks. Dynamic display ensures that next time when this person visits this site, laptops and notebooks, offered by sellers near to his location, will be ranked higher among his preferences.
  3. Colour and Retro Font – Experimenting with fonts and colours is always advisable for designers. Web-designers attempt to give a proper combination of font and color, which will produce minimum strain in the eyes of the user but at the same time give a catchy and classy look, to the page they are designing.
  4. 3D Design Approaches – The web-designers, due to the increase in screen resolution of the computers, are making use of 3D design tools in conjunction with the standard design practices to improve the user experience.
  5. Small Animated Sections – Small animations, or micro animations, are one of the top preferences of the best web-designers as they not only improve the user-experience in terms of aesthetics but also, in case of shopping websites, have proved to be useful in giving the customers a real-time description of the product they are interested in.
  6. Multimedia Features – Easy access to good internet speed has made it possible to include various advanced features like audio, video, chatbots, voice-activated interface, to name a few, along with the usual text-based content of a website. Virtual assistance in the form of chatbots and various forms of voice-activated interfaces have proved to be cost-effective for the site owners as they can save a lot of time and money involved when a customer talks to a live executive.

Though the above points give a fair idea of the various issues that need to keep in mind while designing a user-friendly web-site, the list is not exhaustive and there are many other factors which are to be considered. But one thing which can be said with certainty is that the businesses running on online platforms heavily rely on good web design practices.

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