Are You Left with an Incomplete Website?

Website Construction

We had several clients recently who have had a website left half-built by other web agencies thereby leaving our clients in despair.

There are amateurs in every industry, and web design is no exception. However, this act of un professionalism happens because the web agency has consumed more than they can digest, or simply misinterpreted the work involved when quoting for the project.

What we have seen that often such projects are built on open-source systems such as Magento, Joomla and WordPress and the web developer would have desired to use a plugin or module to add functionality, and this doesn’t come up with the result what was expected.

The fact is, a greater number of companies outsource their development to overseas companies, typically to affordable budget companies resulting in a communication gap and issues with delayed delivery times, plus a lower standard of coding, resulting in issues down the line.

Whatever the issue, if you find yourself in this situation, you will have a few question on mind:


  • What will be the total cost incurred to get your website completed?
  • Can you get any refund from your current web agency?
  • Who to trust next?


Obviously, there are no clear cut answers to these, but we can help.

First of all, if you allow us access to your website we can research and see what has and has not been completed, and provide you with the right estimate on taking it to where you want. If this is not cost-effective, not possible, or if there are some better solutions we’ll let you know. Our team will give you a direct answer to let you decide for yourself. In some cases, clients need to start all over again, other times what they have can be retrieved, and we’ll explain you the prospects, pros, cons and costs of each.

When it comes to getting your money back, we are happy to look at your business contract, end product and any correspondence, and will also let you know if you have a case. We will employ our experts to provide suggestions and an expert witness either to resolve your case amicably, or evidence if not. We will also access your money spent and get a report on whether what you have paid is fair because although you may not have a completed project, but what you have paid for has been good value. If it is so, then in that case, it’s important that you retain ownership after settlement.

And finally, which company you can trust next? Well, we would say to trust Media Helm, and any other agency would say that! What is important is your decision. You need to make your own mind up as to whether you are with the right people, whether what you are being told make any sense, and above all trust your gut. Our web design and development service is offered on the basis where clients can associate with us and work on a pay as you go basis, where we take it as our commitment to deliver what we promise in order to continue a long lasting relationship into the future.

If you feel you are mid-way with a half-done website, come speak to us. We won’t charge to take a look at your website and to offer some advice. We won’t push for sales. What is best is up to you. We are a leading agency web design Waterford, we finish to a high standard what we start!